The goodness of living in the United States

United States – ah, the country of liberty. The US or USA has been the epitome of freedom for decades, influencing other countries that follow it. Though as people say, freedom comes with responsibility. The goodness in living in the US is that you can boast about living in a democratic country, practicing my rights. … [Read more…]

The different kinds of interesting hobbies

The world’s population now is about 7 billion people. Imagine – 7 billion people; each different and unique from each other. Then one would wonder, what could people be doing with the 24 hours that God Almighty has given fairly to all of us. According to psychologists, people’s personalities are generally classified according to what … [Read more…]

Birding Basics and Beyond

I want to talk a little bit about birding ethics and birding etiquette. For example when you are out of the field and you see a rare bird but it is on the other side of the fence or a tree line with a no trespassing signs on it ,that’s a no go. We have … [Read more…]

Information on the different kinds of car racing

Have you played car toys when you are young? What kind of toys have you played? Do you know much about cars? Many toy cars can be collectibles and many are just meant for playing. Almost all children know about cars as even female children love to play with cars. All are not into dolls … [Read more…]

The top five aviation mysteries recorded

Aviation is one of the most amazing discoveries that human have made. It is very exciting when the first flying machine was developed even if it has many lacking in it. It became the model of aviation today. When the technology developed, the aviation also became more advanced. Now the technology was incorporated to it … [Read more…]

Top fun facts about the state of Florida

Have you already been to Florida? Many of you may answer the question with a yes answer. Then let us see if you have known this facts that we will share about Florida. This state contains many cities that are also famous and that they have their own points of interests. If you visit here, … [Read more…]